Getting started with Beatrice.

Learn how to set up and begin working with your new 3D scan dress form.


Step 1: Mount your form

Here’s how to assemble the stand and mount your form...

Step 2: Adjust your neck cap 

Sometimes, the neck cap needs a little fiddling to lay flush with the top of the neck of the bodice. The black sticker should be on the bottom of the neck cap pointing forward. Screw down the handle until the neck cap is just barely flush and there’s no space between it and the bodice as pictured below:

If you can’t eliminate the gap, there’s a chance the bodice has settled on the metal mounting tube during shipping. It can be easily adjusted by moving the collar at the base of the bodice with an Allen wrench. (Contact Alison here if you’re having trouble.)

Don’t worry - we assemble your form completely before shipping to ensure it will come together properly when you assemble it at home!

Step 3: Prepare your form for use

Before you start designing and fitting, it’s really helpful to adjust your cover and mark your form for reference. This video is a great introduction:

Wondering how a pro would get started with Beatrice? Our friend and apparel technical designer Gabby Brown made this video to show you how she marked her Beatrice. 

Step 4: Hit the ground running.

Scroll down for some ways you can learn how to use your Beatrice to its fullest!

Join our herd.

Become a member our private, ad-free community called the Beatrice Collective to access events, resources, and premium classes so you can get the most out of your Beatrice, like our extremely popular Learn to Drape course, as well as free 1-on-1 professional fitting advice in Whole Garment Lab with Gabby Brown.

Best of all, you’ll belong to a community of seasoned, ambitious garment makers and Beatrice owners who can help you get unstuck and finally achieve the look and fit you’ve been searching for.

Your form purchase includes 6-months free membership for new members.


Take a class with us.

Did you you know DRAPING is one of the mot powerful ways to get fantastic fitting results out of your Beatrice?

Learning draping not only opens up creative possibilities, but it gives you a deeper, hands-on understanding of pattern design, fitting, and fabrics that you just don’t get from sewing commercial patterns.

We currently host 2 LIVE online draping courses in the Collective:
  • Our 4-week intensive Learn to Drape with Alison Hughes (click here for more info)
  • Sleeves and Armscyes Workshop with Gabby Brown


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