Custom dress forms
from smartphone 3D body scans

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- The dress form for modern makers.

Founded in 2017, Beatrice Forms is the inventor and world leader in smartphone 3D body scan fit forms.

Born out of a lifelong passion for making and decades of experience building technology for creatives, we proudly serve the costume and apparel industries to help you bring your big ideas to life.

  • Nail the fit.
    Use modern technology to fit the body accurately.
  • Work independently.
    Design for clients who are not available for fittings.
  • Work faster.
    Use your limited time more efficiently with the right tool.

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Any shape, any location.

With our easy-to-use iPhone body scanning technology, you can design, fit, and style for any client worldwide (or yourself!) with minimal in-person fittings.

Simply capture their body scan in minutes with our app anywhere with wifi service. Your custom Beatrice Form saves you time and money, expanding what’s possible for your garment design practice.

Work with a team you can trust.

With decades of experience in software, custom manufacturing, and garment construction, we are uniquely qualified to create the highest quality custom fit forms to achieve your creative vision.

Founded by Apple engineering veterans, you can trust Beatrice Forms employs the latest technology to capture and secure your digital likeness. All model editing and manufacturing occurs in-house, so you can be 100% sure that your data is never shared or used for any purpose other than to create your Beatrice.

Don’t take our word for it

Hear what our clients are saying.

“Using my Beatrice Form has been a game changer - I'm no longer struggling with creating costumes using store-bought and homemade forms, and I feel so inspired! ”

“So unbelievably happy with my Beatrice Form! The care Alison and Nathan take goes above and beyond and I'm now able to make for my client without her having to travel for multiple fittings! So thankful to have found Beatrice!”

“I’ve commissioned my fair share of custom made dress forms over the course of my thirty plus years in the fashion industry but, no conventional dress form has ever provided nearly as accurate a fit as our Beatrice form.”

Byron Lars
In Ernest

“My Beatrice form doesn’t just help me fit garments, she helps me with creative exploration. Draping is like sketching, and sometimes even just throwing some fabric (or a deconstructed, thrifted, garment) on her opens up ideas I had not even considered.”

Polly Furr
Venice Studio

“Beatrice, and her little sister Bea, have been life changers since their arrival in my sewing studio. Having a body double/twin to fit, pin, drape, and tweak until I get it absolutely right is so empowering after decades of having to do all that on my own body and having to be ok with almost right.”

Marie Panesko

“My Beatrice has been THE tool that transformed my sewing practice from sewing poorly fitted standard sized garments to custom fitted garments I can wear with confidence. So exciting!”

Susan A.

“Beatrice changed my sewing life. The impact of fitting your clothes, as they will be seen on you, is a revelation. I underestimated how true to me the form would be.”

Deborah Hallett

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