Our forms - A fit form like no other.

Say hello to Beatrice - a professional, fully pinnable body-double dress form made from a 3D scan of your fit model.

Anyone can capture an accurate body scan with the Beatrice iPhone app, at home or wherever you do your fittings.

Work smarter.

Fast track fittings with the most advanced custom form on the market.

True body double.
Manufactured to within 1/1000 of an inch of your body model scan.
Customize to your needs and budget.
Want bifurcation? Perhaps some detachable arms or a Beatrice MINI too? It's up to you.
Get yours in a hurry.
Expedited service available for tight deadlines. (Contact us for details.)
Product screenshot

A studio workhorse.

Engineered to get the job done.

Precision made.
With specially designed clothing and our custom software pipeline, we’re able to deliver a high precision 3D body model on par with expensive laser scanners.
Built to last.
Our solid foam bodices are fully pinnable, made of polyurethane foam specifically chosen to meet the demands of a busy workshop.
Power pose.
Design with accuracy on a custom form mounted exactly as your model stands in relation to the floor. Your Beatrice comes ready to roll on a professional adjustable stand with a cast iron base & working foot pedal.
Product screenshot

Optional upgrades.

Customize your Beatrice exactly how you want it.

Beatrice Form with detachable arm removed at shoulder.

Custom detachable arms

Pinnable foam arms created from your 3D body scan with stainless steel attachment plates. (Can only be added at time of form purchase.)


Close up of locking handle on the stand pole.

Form slide lock

Handle that locks the form in place on the stand. Recommended for those working with heavier garments and larger forms. (Can only be added at time of form purchase.)


A 50% sized tabletop version of a custom Beatrice.

Beatrice MINI

A 50% sized tabletop version of your custom Beatrice. Quickly sketch your ideas with ¼ of the materials. ($50 OFF and free shipping if you purchase your MINI with your full-sized Beatrice!)


How It Works.

in 3 easy steps...

  • Dress your model

    You’ll receive your personalized body scan kit which includes special garments for your model to wear. They help our technology “see” the body’s distinctive shape and curves.

  • Scan their body

    Create your 3D body model by recording videos of your model with the Beatrice iPhone app. Only 1 actual measurement required!

  • Inspiration arrives

    Your hand-finished, custom-crafted fit form ships to you or wherever it’s needed, ready for your next project. Curious how we make a one-of-a-kind form from your 3D model?

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