The fine print - Our purchase process

What are the steps for purchasing a Beatrice Form?

To purchase a Beatrice, you’ll pay in two separate transactions: Body Scanning Service and Form Manufacturing.

1. Body Scanning Service ($599)

  • Purchase your scanning kit and scanning session ($599)
  • Fill out our new client questionnaire within 3 days
  • Schedule your complimentary 30 min pre-scan consultation
  • Receive your body scanning kit
  • Complete your pre-scan consultation (required for all clients)
  • Upload your scans within 30 days of purchase

2. Form manufacturing ($1000 for Beatrice CLASSIC, $2000 for Beatrice PLUS, and any additional customizations like arms)

  • Once you’ve submitted successful scans, we’ll send you an invoice for manufacturing your form(s)
  • Approve your edited model
  • Schedule permitting, we aim to ship your form approximately 10-12 weeks after receiving your payment for manufacturing, excluding the time it takes for you to approve your digital model

When will I be able to purchase a kit?

We’ll release scan kits as soon as our production queue opens up on a first-come, first-served basis through our online shop. See the shop page for details regarding the schedule.

What if I don’t scan within 30 days of purchasing my kit?

If you haven’t scanned within 30 days of purchasing your kit, we’ll attempt to contact you by email and the phone number you provided when purchasing. If we don’t hear back within 1 week, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund the purchase price minus a $250 (for the kit plus a restocking fee that covers our administrative costs). If you have a health issue, please contact us via email before the 30 days has expired. If there is a shipping delay of your kit, let us know immediately.

Why do you require a pre-scan consultation?

We’ve found that our clients get the best results when they receive some personalized coaching prior to scanning. Our goal is to help you create the optimal silhouette to get the best results in your garment making practice. We’re able to deliver that more effectively when we fully understand your objectives and specific fitting and design needs. The optimal time for your consultation is before you scan to avoid unnecessary re-scans.

How much time do I have after scanning to pay my manufacturing costs?

We prefer that you purchase your form manufacturing within one week of receiving your invoice so we can keep to the schedule, deliver your form (and others) in a timely manner, and serve waiting clients as soon as possible.

If it will take longer than that, please contact us via email and let us know when you plan on moving forward with manufacturing. Keep in mind that over time, manufacturing times and our schedule may change and could increase our manufacturing time estimates.

While we highly recommend pre-scan consulations to be completed prior to scanning, your 30 minute phone/video chat pre-scan consulatation must be completed before we will issue an invoice for form manufacturing.

If your digital scan is older than 6 months at the time of issuing your manufacturing invoice, we will require rescanning at a cost of $250.

Can I use your scanning service for uses other than creating a Beatrice Form?

No, we only generate digital models suitable for our custom dress form making process.

Why is this so complicated?

Over the course of running our business, we’ve learned that one of our biggest challenges is encouraging the prompt participation of all of our clients. In the past, we’ve had some clients who delayed scanning for several months, even years, and it’s not good for anyone for us to hold onto your cash for that long.

Now that more people would like a custom Beatrice than our production capability can accommodate, we need to ensure that folks purchase only when they are ready to complete the entire process in a timely manner.

Our goal with the new purchasing process is to serve you more quickly and with the same quality and exceptional customer service we’ve always delivered. It’s also good for the sustainability of our business by keeping the pipeline full, as well as minimizing downtime and administrative costs.

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