Thank you!

I’ll be following up with you to answer any questions you have and to finalize things. Here’s a bit about the live streaming setup so you can get ready:

Our video streaming platform
We use a platform called Crowdcast to host our live conversations. You can see an example show here.

Good internet connection needed
Because we’re live streaming video, you’ll want to have the best internet connection you can. Ethernet directly to the router is best, but good wifi will work too.

Quality audio is a plus
Since we also turn this into a podcast, good audio is important. An inexpensive lapel or lavalier microphone works well (like on Christine is wearing in the photo) or a professional podcasting microphone is also great. But, you can also get a good result with your computer’s built-in mic by reducing any background noise (turn off fans, etc.)

Testing your setup
You can test your hardware and connection here. I usually like to do a quick test together on the Friday before the interview using the Crowdcast platform (I will schedule this with you).

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!

Looking foward to our conversation!

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