Our purpose.

Beatrice Forms is not just a tool. It’s about finding inspiration from what makes us unique.


Who we are.

The folks behind Beatrice Forms are Alison Hughes and Nathan Barefield, a husband and wife maker team. A little about our journey…

In 2014, after ten years of the Silicon Valley hustle, we quit our tech jobs at Apple and moved to a small farm in Colorado in search of a calmer life in nature. Instead, we found ourselves jumping headlong into rehabilitating nine acres of farmland, raising dairy goats, and transforming our barn into our dream workshop.

In that workshop back in 2017, we founded a product design studio called Little Barn Industries. There we helped startups bring their ideas to life. Our consulting business built upon everything we had learned over the years, from engineering consumer electronics and software to tailoring custom clothing and building steel bicycle frames.

It didn’t take long before we couldn’t stop thinking about our own idea to help garment designers take on one of their biggest challenges: making clothes that fit. As passionate craftspeople with a heartfelt understanding of what a good tool can do, we thought “Hey we’re the right people for this job!”

At this stage in our lives, we can’t think of any pursuit more gratifying or humbling.


We believe...

  • Personal expression connects us and gives our lives meaning. 

  • Truly seeing ourselves and others empowers us.

  • Making teaches us empathy. And it’s fun!

Make Clothes That Fit.
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