1) Fit check.

When your body scan kit arrives, please try your scan clothing on over your normal undergarments as soon as you can.

What’s a “good” fit?

  • It’s fairly snug. We are looking for a pretty snug fit, especially under the arms, but not so tight that the clothing distorts your figure.

  • The clothing hugs your curves. Check areas like the underbust and the small of your back for fabric that may pull away instead of hugging your body smoothly. To fix this issue, scootch more fabric into the area so it lies flat in contact with your skin. For clear definition around your curves:
    1. Tie elastic around your underbust and natural waist.
    2. Apply twill tape between your breasts, wrapping it behind your neck and firmly securing to your bra with a safety pin as shown below. This helps greatly to achieve definition between your breasts by holding the fabric close to your chest. 

Please let us know if you have any concerns before your body scan session. In many cases, we can work around fit issues without having to exchange your clothing for a different size.

Make Clothes That Fit.
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