Body scan checklist.

Here’s a handy reference to help you get a great body scan. 

Watch our video:

︎ Both the model and the camera person should watch our 5 minute video to see what the scan process looks like from start to finish.

Get dressed:

︎ Put on the undergarments you will wear under the clothing you be fitting with your Beatrice.

︎ Put on the body scan clothing.

︎ Pull your hair up and away from your neck.

︎ Perform a last minute fit check.

︎ Tie some elastic at your natural waist and under the bust.

︎ Trim away excess waist or underbust elastic close to the knot. 

︎ For more definition between your breasts, you should apply some twill tape. Start the tape at the base of your bra between your breats, then go behind your neck and then back to your bra - pinning the ends firmly to your bra.

The twill tape, underbust elastic, and waist elastic should be placed as shown below.

︎ Mark your shoulder pivot points with the provided pink sticker dots. This is where we will be cutting the shoulders of your form.

Prepare your 7’x7’ scan space:

︎ Turn on all the lights in the room.

︎ Cover or remove any mirrors.

︎ Turn off the TV.

︎ Turn off any fans.

︎ Remove anything that might move in the background (i.e. pets, people, etc.)

Tips for the camera person:

︎ Make sure the iPhone is connected to wifi (you will be uploading very large video files).

︎ Clean the lens of the camera phone.

︎ Walk slowly when performing the body scan.

Tips for the model:

︎ Stand inside the scale maker facing the brightest light source in the room.

︎ Position your legs about shoulder width apart and your arms at 45 degrees.

︎ Relax your shoulders.

︎ To help you stay still:
  • Pick a spot on the wall and fix your eyes on it for the entire scan.
  • Breathe shallowly.
  • No talking. The camera person can talk but the model must stay quiet.

︎ MOST IMPORTANT: No moving any part of your body from the first video to the last video. Be a statue! If you move, start over from the first video.

Waist measurement: Please take your waist measurement directly over the elastic right before your scan and enter it into the Beatrice app when requested.

NOTE: We no longer use the scale marker so you can ignore that in the video instruction.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Have fun, you’re going to do great!

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