2) Consider your silhouette.

Before you scan, it’s important to consider what kind shape you want to create for your form. This shape will impact your fitting and design outcomes when working with your custom Beatrice. Here are things to think about:

The way you stand profoundly affects fit. For example, when one slouches, the lengths along the front of the body are compressed. The shape of your bust and tummy change as well.

Before you scan, notice how you normally stand. We recommend that you stand in a comfortable, upright posture with legs shoulder width apart. An upright posture will ensure the clothing you fit on your Beatrice will have enough length to accomodate your body when you stand up straight.

Shoulder points.
We include stickers in your scan kit to mark where you want us to end your shoulders on your form. We recommend ending your form’s shoulders where you like to put your sleeve head seams when sewing a fitted garment. For me, this is at the inflection point of my arm as it attaches to the collar bone aka “the pivot point”.

When you scan, you’ll want to wear the undergarments and shapewear that you will be wearing under the garments you will be designing on your Beatrice. It’s important to wear your shapewear when you scan because you might not be able to add these later and achieve your desired silhouette. Foam just doesn’t behave the same as your body tissue & skeleton, so it may not compress under shapewear like it does on your body.

Also note, we can’t make forms for people with breasts without wearing a bra during their scan due to limitations in our scanning & fabrication process.

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