How to get a great scan.

You’ll need to do 4 things:

︎  Get our free app

︎  Check scan clothing fit

︎  Pick a good scan location 

︎  Learn how to scan 

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1) Get our app.

Click here from your iPhone to download the Beatrice App. On the day of the body scan, make sure to update your Beatrice app to the latest version. 

Have the client ID and email address associated with the order available at scan time. They are listed on the “Body Scan Checklist” included the scanning kit. They need be entered when the scans are uploaded so we know who they belong to.

2) Get your model dressed.

The scan clothing needs to lay flush with the body because our scanning technology reproduces the model’s shape based on the clothing’s surface (we don’t have x-ray vision!)

Once the clothing has arrived, please check the fit. What’s a good fit?

    • It’s fairly snug. We are looking for a pretty snug fit, especially under the arms, but not so tight that the clothing distorts the figure.

    • The clothing hugs the model’s curves. Check areas like around the bust/chest, at the arms, and the small of the back for fabric that may pull away instead of hugging the body smoothly.

      To fix this issue, scootch more fabric into the area so it lies flat in contact with the skin. Or you can pin or sew the garment so the fabric lays flush with the body (we can remove the pinned out fabric darts from the scan later during the editing process.)

      When dressing for the scan:
      1. Tie elastic around the underbust and natural waist. If there’s no prominent bust, waist elastic only.

      2. If you desire cleavage definition, apply twill tape between the breasts. Wrap it behind the neck and firmly secure the ends to the bra band with a safety pin as shown below. This helps greatly to achieve definition between the breasts by holding the fabric close to the chest. 

Please let us know if you have any concerns before the body scan session.

3) Pick your scan location.

You’ll need a cleared indoor 7’x7’ space with as much light as possible. Watch a video of a scanning session here to see a good example of a scan location. Things to consider when selecting a location:

  • Indirect natural light is best, but diffused artificial light is good too.
  • It’s ok if there are things outside of the cleared area, like furniture or art on the walls, but mirrors will need to be covered.
  • At the time of your scan, you’ll need to remove or turn off anything that might move in the background (i.e. pets, people, ceiling fans, tv, blinking lights, etc.)

4) Learn how to scan.

Please watch this video of Nathan and I completing a scan. It really helps to get the clearest picture of our body scan process!

(Note: we no longer use the scale marker for our scanning process even though it’s shown in this video.)

Also, here are our top 5 tips on getting a great scan:


That’s it! If you have any concerns or questions, please let us know!

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