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︎ the Beatrice CollectivePlease join our private community of Beatrice owners where we can learn how to use Beatrice together. You can share your questions, tips, and things you make with Beatrice here, as well as anything else that inspires you! Alison will be there regularly to answer any questions you have about Beatrice.

︎ the Beatrice Blog: We will be posting tutorials, behind-the-scenes articles, and other features here to keep you in the loop!

Getting started.

How to assemble the stand and mount your form:

Sometimes the pole is hard to secure to the stand base. This video explains how to fix that:

Before you start designing and fitting, it’s really helpful to adjust your cover and mark your form for reference. This video is a great introduction:

Wondering how a pro would get started with Beatrice? Our friend and apparel technical designer Gabby Brown made this video to show you how she marked her Beatrice. 

More to come...

We’ll let you know when we add additional resources by posting on the Beatrice Collective platform, so make sure to join! If you have any requests, please post them to the Beatrice Collective as well.

Thank you and happy making! ︎

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