To our community,

As the world watches the unfolding Black Lives Matter movement here in America, it becomes increasingly important for each of us to stand up and lend our support to this incredibly necessary fight for civil rights.

Each of our team members at Beatrice Forms supports the Black Lives Matter movement unreservedly. We are each committed to real change to build a business and public space where Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color can feel safe and celebrated.

In order to make that happen, we’re taking both immediate and sustained action.

In the short term, we’re supporting both grassroots activism and voting rights with a one-time donation of 20% of our May and June profits to the following organizations:

Moving forward, our long term actions will include:

    • Creating an anti-racism and inclusion policy to guide all our activities. This will shape our decisions as we grow, build our team, choose our business partners, and engage both within our community and externally so we’re effective in this fight. (We’ll let you know when this is posted to our website.)
    • Making a sustained donation of a percent of our profits to organizations fighting for causes that make a difference (details will be published along with our policy mentioned above.)
    • Supporting and making visible BIPOC fashion creators by sponsoring at least two dress forms per year, as well as showcasing their work on our platform.

As always, we are so grateful for your support of our small business, and we strive to make Beatrice Forms an inclusive community. We welcome any feedback if you have experienced or witnessed anything less than this goal, and promise to make your safety a priority.

With love,

Alison, Nathan, Gabby, and Sophie

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