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Arms Early Supporter Program.

Would you like to be one of the first to try our latest product?

It’s a custom 3D scan-based Beatrice Form with removable arms, an add-on feature so many of you have been requesting!

Making a new product is always challenging but with your help, we can finally get our latest innovation out into the world.

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How it works.

The idea here is to introduce arms to a select group of Early Supporters who can’t wait to use their Beatrice immediately and try out this new feature.

By participating, you’ll get your form fast-tracked (as early as 4 weeks from your scan date) and we’ll get to hear about your experiences with arms in January and early February 2024.

At a future date TBD, the arms add-on will initially be offered at $899 (see this video to understand the pricing). But in exchange for your help in bringing this product to market as an Early Supporter, you’ll enjoy a $200 discount off the arms, in addition to the $50 2023 Holiday Discount!

Please carefully read the Q&A below to ensure you can meet the program requirements.


Do I need to purchase a new Beatrice Form in order to get arms?

Yes! If you are selected for the program, we will invoice you for a new Beatrice Form + scanning, as well as arms with the discounts applied (you can’t add arms to an existing Beatrice.) The reason is because our process to make a form with arms requires a new special arm and bodice scan. The bodice also needs arm mating plates installed when manufactured.

How much does it cost to be an Arms Early Supporter?

The balance for the scanning service and arms manufacture is due at time of enrollment in the program ($599 scanning service + $899 arms - $200 Early Supporter discount - $50 holiday discount = $1248). The remaining balance for the form manufacture is due once you submit your scan ($1000). The total cost for your form with arms will be $2248, plus $110 shipping.

Can I get a refund after I’ve paid?

No, there will be no refunds.

Where will you ship my Beatrice with arms?

You must reside in and ship your form to the contiguous United States.

What are your technical requirements?

Please read and be sure you can meet the technical requirements in our FAQ. Also make sure you’ve read and agree to our Terms of Service

How accurate will my form be?

You will be providing some basic measurements of your body and arms. The final measurements of the delivered form will be at most +/- 2% different from the measurements you provided at the beginning of the process. This difference occurs because measurements vary depending on measurement location, posture, breathing, inflammation, squishiness of human beings vs. foam, weight gain/loss, etc. If you’re particularly sensitive to these differences or you expect your body to change significantly over time, this product is not for you.

I can’t scan right away. Can I still participate?

Unfortunately no. Please don’t sign up unless you’re ready to scan now and complete the process in a timely manner, as well as use your Beatrice as soon as it arrives. In order to fast-track your form, we need your help by responding promptly to all of our emails and questions. This includes promptly scanning after receiving your scan kit, and in some cases, taking additional measurements with photos of the locations, and rescanning quickly in the case your original scan is unsuitable.

How can I increase my chances of being selected for this limited program?

We’re prioritizing folks who will be ready to use and share feedback with us immediately upon receiving their form. When you contact us to apply, be sure to include your specific plans of how you plan on using and testing your Beatrice with arms in January - February 2024. We also will give priority to those who have plans to share their forms online with other sewists and commercial apparel professionals.

How do I apply?

Keep reading this page to the bottom. 😁

I would like my form’s arms to be lower than in the photo above. Is this possible?

Absolutely. In fact, we’ll be asking you to have your arms relaxed by your side when you scan as it’s the easiest position to hold for the duration of the scan.


And of course, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

The schedule.

December 2: All participants are enrolled and invoice for scanning + discounted arms is paid in full

December 23: All scans have been uploaded by participants

Jan 2-5: Send out digital proofs, participants approve models

Jan 8: We start manufacturing

Jan 31: All forms have been shipped to those who submitted scans and approvals before deadlines

Jan - Feb: You submit your feedback

Note that it’s possible that dates may change due to factors outside our control (machine failure, etc.). We’ll keep you informed via email in case of any changes.

Getting started.

First, we’ll send you our program checklist to sign online so you’re clear on what you’ll need to do. Then, we’ll invoice you via email for the scanning service and arms with the discounts applied (payment for form manufacturing won’t be due until you submit a successful scan.)

Once the initial payment is complete, you’ll fill out our intake form including providing some select measurements, as well as book your pre-scan consulation. This information will help us select the proper size scan clothing so we can ship them to you in your body scanning kit.

How do I sign up?

We’re limiting the Arms Early Supporter Program to 5 spots.

If you’re interested, please contact us here. Do not purchase our scanning service before applying because we’ll be invoicing you for that later if you are admitted.

Priority will be given to folks who have immediate garment project plans for January 2024 when their forms arrive, so please do share those details when you contact us.

If you’re selected, we’ll contact you via email. Please complete the intake forms and submit payment within 24 hours, and then you’re in!

We’ll post here when the program is full.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you!

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