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Want a Beatrice but live in the UK? Join our UK pilot! 

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What we’re doing

We’re conducting a pilot study of how shipping and customs will work and the costs involved for delivering Beatrice Forms to clients in the UK. We’ve delivered Beatrices to our first group and are making 3 more forms available for our second test group with updated pricing based on what we learned. 

How it works

Purchasing a Beatrice for delivery in the UK is similar to how we do it in North America except that you pre-pay taxes/duties/handling incurred for importing your purchase to the UK. Since the duties and shipping costs are significant, we take extra steps to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly and you receive a form that you’re thrilled about. 

We’re accepting 3 participants for our second group now. Once we’re full, we’ll update this page to let you know!

What will it cost to get my Beatrice here in the UK?
The scanning kit & service is $590 and the manufactured form is $2193, for a total of $2783These prices include all shipping costs, shipping insurance, duties, taxes, and handling fees. Note these prices are based on limited data from the previous group and are subject to change after we’ve shipped all the forms to Group #2.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

I want to participate. How do I do that? 
  1. Confirm you can meet the technical requirements per our FAQ.
  2. Sign up for our pilot here. We’ll send you the Purchase Agreement to review.
  3. Sign and return our Purchase Agreement via email.
  4. The first 3 clients to return the signed agreement will be admitted into the pilot and invoiced for our body scanning kit & service.

I’ve been admitted and paid for scanning. What’s next?
Just like we do for all our clients...

  1. Fill out our intake questionnaire.
  2. Complete your 30 minute 1-on-1 pre-scan consultation (required before we ship your kit).
  3. Receive your body scan kit in the mail.
  4. Install the iOS Beatrice App.
  5. Perform your body scan with a partner within 30 days of receiving your kit.
  6. Pay the balance to manufacture your form.
  7. Approve your digital 3D model using our online viewer.
  8. Your Beatrice is delivered to you!

When will I receive my Beatrice?
Each form is individually custom-crafted and assembled by hand here in our barn workshop, so our production capabilities are very limited. Typically, it can take 10-12 weeks to ship your order from the date you pay your manufacturing balance. While we do our best to gate sales, we don’t guarantee delivery times because they are dependent on when our clients complete scans and approve models which can happen at any time outside of our control. We will keep you informed via email in case of any delays.

If I change my mind, can I get a refund?
We make a custom, handcrafted product and strive to keep our very limited in-house production pipeline full to make your forms for you as fast as we can. In order to do that reliably, sustainably, and on time to the UK, we’re unable to provide refunds for our scanning kit and service. Refunds/replacements are offerred for manufacturing only when the product is defective as defined in the Purchase Agreement. 

Also note, we’ve split our purchasing procedure into two transactions (scanning and form manufacturing) to help make it easier for everyone. Once you’ve purchased a kit, you have 30 days to scan.

Please be sure to carefully review our process and refund polices in the Purchase Agreement before purchasing. It’s intended to make everything clear and ensure we meet your expectations!

Where can I learn more about your forms and process?
We recommend watching our Beatrice 101 video series. In these short videos, we share everything you need to know about getting started with Beatrice, from body scanning to what it's like to work with our 3D scan dress forms. This series is great for new clients but also for anyone who's just curious about what our process is like.

That's it! Thank you so much for considering Beatrice Forms for your sewing practice.

As always, we are available if you have any questions.

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