The bird’s-eye view.

How we create your custom form
from a smartphone scan.

Creating your 3D model

Once you upload your scan videos with the Beatrice App, our specialized processing pipeline turns your videos into a 3D digital model of your body. We then carefully hand edit each digital model to transform it into a traditional dress form bodice, staying as true as possible to your actual shape.

Approval & cutting

Once you’ve approved your 3D digital model online, we cut your bodice out of foam using a cutting machine called a CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) router. Nathan designed and built our machine specifically for making custom dress forms so it‘s a one-of-a-kind too! Seriously - what isn’t custom around here?!


After the forms come out of the machine downstairs in the workshop, we bring them upstairs to be hand assembled and covered. We handmake each knit cover to measure for a good fit. It’s important to us that we personally prepare each form for delivery, check each stand and make sure things are just-so before they depart our workshop for your sewing room.


While dress forms are technically just a tool, ours are special because they are created in the shapes of actual real people. It follows that we employ a lot of care and respect when finishing your forms. We feel so lucky to create these beautiful sculptures of you every day!

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