Early Supporter Program: the nitty gritty.

  1. Place your $50 fully refundable deposit. It secures your spot in the program and covers the kit that we'll send for you to use in your 3D body scan.

  2. Receive your body scanning kit in the mail. It will include your body scan outfit + other fun goodies, and will arrive when it’s your turn in the waitlist. Don't worry, you will be completely covered - the technology works best without any skin showing.

  3. Scan your body with personalized assistance. Over video chat, we will guide you through a 45 minute scanning session to ensure your success, as well as for us to learn how we can make the scanning experience better. Each scan takes about 3 minutes, plus extra time for setting up the test. For your session, you will need:
    • A partner to shoot your scan
    • Our iOS app installed on your device
    • A cleared, indoor 7’x7’ space, with as much light as possible

  4. Approve the digital 3D model of your body. After the app uploads your scan data, we will email you pictures of your body model for your review. In the unlikely case we cannot generate a good 3D model, we will have you repeat the scan with your partner.

  5. Pay the discounted price of $499 for your form. Once we receive payment, we will start building your form.

  6. Send your body scan clothing back to us. Upon receiving it, we will refund your $50 deposit.

  7. Get your form delivered to your doorstep. It will arrive within 4 weeks of payment.

  8. 30 minute post-delivery interview. Tell us all about how you are using your Beatrice, what you love and don’t love, and how you think it could be better.

That's it! Thank you so much for considering backing us as an Early Supporter. We sure do appreciate your help in getting this empowering tool into the hands of more sewists like you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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